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Bethany / 17 / Kristina Bazan Obsessed 💁

i dont own the credits of the pictures i post -except the ones tagged with mine- i get them from internet xx

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💅 rosy rosy rosy 💅
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💅 rosy rosy rosy 💅
rosy rosy rosy 💁
beth the rosy blogger is back 😜 xx.

I love your blog! It is so cute! Would you check out mine? And how old are you? :)

Thank you so much and I’m 17 😜

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I'm kinda new on twitter and I just want to tell you that your blog is amazing, great job on that xoxo

Uh thank you so much :) xx

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hey how ya doin

Fine, wbu? :)

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Gues Who’s Back! | Long time no see..

Hello guys! I had lots of family problems and I’m aware that I made you guys wait for a long time. Last week I talked with my two lovely friends. They showed me that even I have problems I should not put my blog away. I made a selfish decision and I’m sorry. I hope you guys can forgive me! So from now on we’re going to run our accounts together. In here we’re going to post rosy stuff, in virginpanda we’re going to post funny stuff and we’re going to blog black and white/ fashion and art stuff on my friends Sydney’s blog ispeakpoetically. So don’t forget to follow us guys! I promise these blogs are sick! and if you follow these blogs or one of them message me and I’ll follow you back! xx.

| Bethany

| Sydney

| Nikita :

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